Why Mobile Apps?

In business you must reach out to your existing and potential customers to make it easy for them to do business with you. Social media has dominated social behavior for a rapidly increasing number of the world’s population who own smartphones.

This trend has changed the way the world’s businesses must operate the marketing side of their companies. It is no longer enough to build your brand the way  traditional businesses did prior to the new ‘Digital Age’. Now it is all about ‘Engagement’ and developing a two-way ongoing relationship with every consumer.

Before the digital age, or the virtually total transition to the internet world, companies relied on promotional standby’s like the Yellow Pages, TV, Newspapers and Magazines. Now none of that works, except for TV ads. But even that is questionable for most smaller companies. Billions of consumers now  own smartphones.

And speaking of smartphones, a vast majority of people are ‘glued’ to their mobile devices. The younger generation, the overwhelming marketing target of virtually all consumer-based companies, are fanatically fixated by their phones. Now, though, it is no longer only the ‘kids’ who have turned to the ‘dark side’ … and embrace smartphones. Every generation is ‘learning’ why they must adopt the now dominant new-fangled communications technology.

The lesson here for all companies that sell to individuals is this:

You better spend the bulk of your marketing money, time and effort becoming expert at relational marketing strategies.

And … That’s where Mobile Apps come in. This incredibly powerful tool works to build longer term trust relationships than almost any other online marketing strategy in the history of the digital-age world.

Here are a few key reasons Mobile Apps will remain a vital marketing strategy:

  • Customers love the convenience
  • The BEST Way to get feedback
  • No easier way to get customers to return more frequently
  • Powerful Brand Building tool
  • Easiest way to reward & incentivize existing customers
  • Get tons of reviews & testimonials
  • It’s simple to set up a passive way to use positive reviews to build your company’s reputation.
  • True Viral Marketing is a cinch with apps programmed the right way.

Why Mobile Apps?

In business you must reach out to your existing and potential customers to make it easy for them to do business with you. (More)

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