Do You Struggle To ‘Easily’ Find New Customers?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ … You are not alone! What if you could attract new customers to add revenue to your business at an affordable, near-bargain rate? Mobile Apps can exceed all your expectations if custom designed for your needs.

First a little background …

Small and medium size independent businesses are at a serious disadvantage when facing competition from the giants in their industry. Most companies that market to consumers typically find it extremely challenging to increase their marketing reach at an affordable cost.

The giants in consumer industries virtually all have Apps that keeps their brand in front of their existing customers and efficiently expose their marketing messages to new potential consumers.

This effectively provides an easy way to bring their customers back. And the best part about their app technology is apps make it easy to virally attract new customers. It has proven to be an unmatched marketing advantage.

Mobile Apps are not simply a nice optional fad to ‘tweak’ your marketing efforts. Smart phone apps are the new ‘better-mousetrap’ that should massively increase your marketing results and profits. They are a Game-Changer.

You may believe you have enough tried and true sales and marketing tactics … and have no clue how you will be able to add another seemingly complex gimmick to your promotional toolset.

You may be resistant because you like the traditional way you have always run your business … and that’s not unusual. The unfortunate new reality is the ‘old-way’, even trusted marketing channels like the Yellow Pages advertising, is dead. It doesn’t work at all from an ROI (return on investment) perspective.

But the important fact to understand is Apps are NOT a gimmick … and properly deployed can show results FAST. The problem is apps have been unbelievably expensive … The giants have invested as much as $500,000 or more for their apps.

I know, I can hear the groans of dismay if you are a small biz owner. The big guys always have it easier because of their huge promotional budgets. You have no way to compete at those ridiculous costs.

Marketing in the 21st Century …

But that brings us back to the challenges facing small and medium companies’ when it comes to marketing in the online era. If this sounds familiar … I get it. You love providing your service or making your products … but hate the hassle and distraction you feel when faced with the reality of finding new customers. Online marketing is not simple.

I know … I’ve been a business owner and had little time for marketing and building market share. My skills and my passion were focused on my core business process. The sales and marketing functions were a necessary component, but the daily distractions my small team faced made expansion and revenue growth a real challenge.

Yet I didn’t want to hire, train and oversee full-time employees to focus on building my online presence and internet marketing. The fact was my company was profitable but not generating enough extra revenue to build an internal ‘Local Marketing’ department.

And the expense would have significantly increased the prices I would have to charge my customers to stay profitable … not to mention the nuisance-factor of managing my own online marketing team.

That’s when I discovered the power of well-designed mobile apps that could passively add a Viral Marketing ‘twist’ to my sales process. Apps are a MUST-HAVE marketing tool that can change your company’s future.

And the great news is we have discovered a brand-new patent-pending software technology that we can use to deliver ‘giant-company’ type apps solutions at incredibly low prices.

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